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Now that the National Hockey League is back on the ice after a year absence, you may want to grab some snacks, check your local listings put on your skates, and get ready for some hockey!

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Links Updated 5/11/08

My Old Hockey Coach
It's a Miracle
Awesome Goal
Unbeliveable Goal
Build Me Up Buttercup

Amazing Sports Videos Caught On Tape

Jimmy Johnson driving for Alltel, before Ryan Newman gets a fulltime ride in 2000, goes on a wild ride.
One of the most incredible shots in the history of basketball.
On July 31,2003 a small Cessna 207 Skywagon crashes during a baseball game. The pilot and three passengers survived.
The goalie gets mad at a player, and tries to hit him in the head.
Chicago State wins after hitting two amazing baskets with time running out.


Los Angeles Kings: Moments to Remember 1981-1982