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Web Sports Radio: A Season To Reflect On

03/07/06 - SPRINGFIELD, MO. - When Dan and I started WSR we hoped to bring the best coverage of local sports to you -- the listener -- no matter where you were. Nothing could prepare us for the praise, accolades, and incredible experiences we encountered in just a year after starting this venture.

But all this would not have started if it wasn't for what happened during our first attempt at working together. We didn't get the job and as the saying goes: The rest is history. Click here for a portion of our "demo" audio.

Covering Ozark Tigers and Nixa Eagles High School football in 2005, to calling three sporting events (Nixa Eagles football and two Missouri State Hockey games in 24 hours, October 1st, 2005) was just the beginning.

Things continued with our coverage Missouri State Hockey all season, and the Ice Bears first ever trip to the ACHA Regional Tournament in Geneva, Illinois, grabbing an exciting 4-3 overtime win.

The following week WSR brought you exclusive coverage of ALL the 2005-2006 Mid America Collegiate Hockey Association Tournament games, February 25th and 26th in Danville, Illinois. Six games total broadcast in 24 hours, with four games in 12 hours on Saturday.

This year we expect to bring you bigger and better innovations including a way for you to listen to WSR broadcasts live on your portable radio as you watch the sporting event. Additionally, we anticipate big things happening with Missouri State Hockey, and a new partnership to cover the MACHA league tournament again.

WSR is also looking at the possibility of covering other events, including baseball and motor sports.













Opinion: ACHA - The North/South Question

Talk about the Ice Bears in the WSR Forum - See button under Missouri State logo

02/18/06 - Springfield, MO. - Shortly before the final ACHA central rankings came out, I wrote a mock poll suggesting that the teams from the south end of the Central region were not getting the respect that they deserved from the ranking committee, most of whom reside to the north. After attending the Central Regional tournament, I have drawn two conclusions about that article:

1. I was right.

2. I was wrong.

I was right about the fact that the south has indeed closed the gap with the north . Missouri, Missouri State and Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville all gave a good account of themselves at the tournament. The Tigers and Bears each won overtime thrillers against higher seeded teams in round one, while the Cougars beat RMC Chicago Maroon by a hefty 5 - 2 count in the consolation round. But if I am to be honest with myself (and you), I must admit that the gap (although diminished considerably), still exists.

Some will argue that SIUE's victory came at the expense of an RMC squad that was morally and physically depleted from their 4-3 OT loss to Missouri State less than 13 hours before, and they may have a point. RMC-Chicago had beaten SIUE twice before (5-4, 7-1) on the Cougar's turf. But RMC head coach Jim Sanchez had an interesting counterpoint.

I think most of the difference (between northern teams and southern teams) comes from the fact that it is the southern teams who do most of the traveling," said Sanchez shortly before the SIUE game.





As one of the few northern teams who do make regular trips to the south, he may have a point that can be illustrated within his own schedule. RMC played and beat Lindenwood four times this year, but the games on Lion ice were much closer as RMC had to do the traveling. They also dropped a 4 - 1 decision to RMC-Springfield on the road.

Personally, I think SIUE could have been just as deflated, having just been handed their hat by defending champion Michigan State 7-0. But they showed character in coming out the second day with the best game they could muster and deserved the win as well as the respect to go with it.

I think the real gap that exists is simply the gap between the three top teams in the Central region and the rest of the region. Michigan State, with an obvious abundance of speed, size, and junior-A caliber players, was simply dominating at the tournament. No one was going to touch them, and since four of the Spartan's nine losses this year came at the hands of the top two teams (Oakland and Davenport), I must stand in awe of those two teams as well.

Now that I have proper respect for the top three, the respect factor must be trickled down to teams like Central Michigan and Grand Valley State, whom I deleted from my top ten based on their records but who, in retrospect, did in fact have killer schedules and deserved to be competing in post-season play.

Did the three MACHA teams have a right to be at the regional tourney? Absolutely. Did they have a chance of winning a trip to Rochester? Without a doubt, especially Mizzou. In fact, I would not have thought at the onset of the tournament that RMC-Chicago and Michigan would have been the only teams to lose twice.

Any of the teams rated #4 through #10 could have won two games in the tournament given a little different bracketing. But all of them have a ways to go to catch up to the upper tier of three. All in all, I think the pollsters did well (and better than I) in choosing the representatives that they did.

Congratulations to Michigan State and Central Michigan, and good luck in Rochester. May you increase the level of respect for all of us!










MACHA Tournament To Be Webcast On WSR

01/29/06 - Springfield, MO. - WebSports has reached a tentative agreement with the Mid-America Collegiate Hockey Association to be the official on-line home of the 2005-2006 tournament, to be held in Danville, Illinois, February 25th and 26th.

WSR broadcasters Steve Casson and Dan Lee will serve as play-by-play announcers for all six games, including both of the MACHA Gold and MACHA Silver divisions.

"We would love to have (WSR) here for the tournament," said Cameron Estes, Eastern Illinois University Assistant Coach and acting host of this year's tournament.

Estes told WSR late Sunday night that he had received approval from MACHA President J. D. Power to have WSR provide exclusive coverage of the playoffs.

"Calling four games on Saturday and two games on Sunday will be a challenge, but its one we are looking forward to," said Casson.

"We are honored that MACHA thought highly of our work and asked us to be part of this tournament," said Lee when he received confirmation. "It's nice to know that folks have taken notice of our efforts."

"In October of 2005 we broadcast high school football and hockey in one day, said Casson. "Covering four hockey games in one day will be interesting to say the least -- perhaps crazy."

WSR will be broadcasting hockey for at least 11 hours straight that Saturday.






Satire: Blues Fans Are Really Ice Bears Fans

12/31/05 - Springfield, MO. - St. Louis Blues fans declared Thursday, after the Blues lost 0-3 on the road in Dallas, that they secretly have been fans of Missouri State Ice Bears hockey team than they have been of the Blues.


“I’m more of an Ice Bears fan, anyways,” said Cliff Davis, who lives near St. Louis. He has a son that attends Missouri State and splits his time watching both hockey teams. “I was looking forward to seeing the Ice Bears play the Billikens in January. Now that isn’t gonna happen.”

The Ice Bears have not played since they swept the University of Kansas, December 9th and 10th.

Kevin Thomas echoed Davis’ sentiments: “Now I have to wait until January 20th when Northern Illinois comes to Springfield! Road trip!” he exclaimed raising his arms, revealing an “SMS (with a line through and MSU inked over it) Forever: MACHA Champs, 2005” tattoo on his right arm.

An increasing number of St. Louis hockey fans have made the point in the past weeks that they aren’t very big Blues fans right now. Blues team flags on porches and cars have been replaced by Missouri State flags. Gone are the Doug Weight and Keith Tkachuk jerseys. Instead, Dan Odenwald and Clayton Baker jerseys are the hot item.

“It’s not that I don’t like the Blues,” said Helen Everett, in a coffee shop while checking out the Ice Bears 2005-2006 stats on “The Blues are okay but let’s face it; they’re not even in double digits in wins right now.” The custom Missouri license plate on Everett’s blue Chevy Cavalier reads ICEBEARS.


Mike Desalle is one of the few casual hockey fans in St. Louis who claims he doesn’t like one team more than the other. “I don’t stick to just one team,” he said after comparing the Blues record of 9-22-5 to the Ice Bears 14-6-3 record.

“So what if two of the Ice Bears wins came from forfeits, at least they will make the ACHA National Tournament. But I truly believe the Blues consecutive playoff streak is in jeopardy,” explained Desalle. “What I am is a hockey fan!”

Back to reality. Happy New Year!! From everyone at