WSR's Unofficial Round #2 ACHA Dll Poll Now Out

11/22/07 - 1:09am - SPRINGFIELD, MO - Sanctions against Ferris State, which is now listed as 1-15-1 in the ACHA standings, really shook things up this period. For instance, one of Grand Valley’s losses was to Ferris State and is now listed as a win. The ISU Redbirds benefited from a couple of artificial wins in this manner also.

Injuries and grades are starting to mount as well, making this period of the ACHA Division II poll a good challenge for Steve and I.

But here they are, for better or worse, along with our reasoning of course. As usual, Steve and I did our polls independently and then scored them 10 points for first down to 1 point for tenth. Enjoy!


1. Grand Valley State - Dan: 1 - Steve: 1
Dan: “Except for a slip-up against Michigan State in a split (they won on each other’s home ice) I still think they are clearly the team to beat.”
Steve: “Still tops in the Central despite the loss to Michigan State.”
Head Coach (HC) Denny McClean: “We expect to get even stronger when (hot Freshman prospect) Scott Rood joins us at the semester.”

2. Davenport - Dan: 2 - Steve: 2
Steve: “Closing in on the top spot and will probably get the auto bid (to Nationals) for a fourth straight year.”
Dan: Impressive wins over Florida Gulf Coast, Michigan State, Central Michigan. Would have to self-destruct to lose this spot.”
HC Paul Lowden: We have as good a chance as any. Grand Valley just plain out-worked us, though.” (Grand Valley won their only match-up, 4-1).

3. Michigan State - Dan: 3 - Steve: 3
Dan: “They earned a jump with two big wins this period.”
Steve: “Classic hockey team. Leap frogging into third due to wins over GVSU and Michigan.”

4. Central Michigan - Dan: 4 - Steve: 4
Steve: “Close to the 3-spot. Good win over Michigan and an improved record that speaks for itself.”
Dan: “You can’t argue with the job they’ve done with their schedule.”

5. Missouri State - Dan: 5 - Steve: 5
Dan: “Looked rusty this period due to light schedule. The loss to Mankato in a split at home didn’t help, either.”
Steve: “The Ice Bears are a solid team, but two weekends off between games might not have been a good thing.”

6. Minnesota - Dan: 6 - Steve: 7
Steve: Big gap between 5 and 6. Not too impressive with splits against Iowa and Kansas.”
Dan: “Two ties with Kansas and a split with Iowa makes the bottom four close to a toss-up.”

7. Michigan - Dan: 8 - Steve: 6
Dan: “Decimated by five big injuries. They will have to bring their young studs along in a hurry to make up for the losses of guys like Greg White, Joe Armelli (shoulder) and Ryan Sparks (broken finger) if they are going to remain in the top ten.”
Steve: “The losses to Central Michigan, Michigan State and GVSU hurt.”
HC Don Massey: “I’m not going to let the injuries be an excuse. We will get the younger guys up to speed.”

8. Iowa - Dan: 7 - Steve: 8
Dan: “Good split with Minnesota and good wins over Lindenwood.”
Steve: “Good record, but schedule and losses to Missouri and Minnesota keeps them in the bottom ranks of the top ten.”

9. DePaul - Dan: 9 - Steve: 9
Steve: “Even record, but sometimes they forget to play a whole weekend. Too many splits.”
Dan: “Injuries to Paul Kokuzian (broken fibula) and Matt Serritalla (ACL) have hurt their defense. They may struggle to stay up here.”
HC Tony Capone: “They have it in them to compete with anybody, but they forget to play one day a week.”

10. (tie) Kansas - Dan: 10 - Steve: n/r
Dan: Their splits with Minnesota (two ties) and Central Oklahoma (win, tie) impressed me, even though injuries have hampered UCO and they are not the same team Missouri State lost two to at the beginning of the season.”

10.(tie) Mankato-Minnesota State - Dan: n/r - Steve: 10
Steve: A very strong team despite a short bench. Look for them to be the sleeper team of the Central.”

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