WSR's Unofficial Round #3 ACHA Dll Poll Gets Muddy

12/19/07 - SPRINGFIELD, MO - As the first half of the 2007-2008 hockey season wraps up, the top three teams remain the same in our poll for period three of the ACHA Division II Central Region.

From there, the picture will continue to get muddy as the season progresses. Once again, keep in mind that the records shown differ from the ACHA listings as we include overtime losses (OTL) as simply losses. Happy Holidays!

Once again, here they are along with our reasoning. Our polls are completed independently and then scored 10 points for first down to 1 point for tenth.



1. Grand Valley State - Dan: 1 - Steve: 1
Steve: “Still on top, but could be caught. Losses to Ferris State may haunt them.”
Dan: “If not for a decisive win over Davenport, I could have put them a notch lower. They are beatable.”

2. Davenport - Dan: 2 - Steve: 2
Dan: “You can throw a blanket over the top three. Again, the loss to Grand Valley is a deciding factor.”
Steve: “Decisive wins against DePaul this period, who beat Florida Gulf Coast.”

3. Michigan State - Dan: 3 - Steve: 3
Steve: “Wanted to put them in second place. The only thing keeping me from that is a
3 - 2 loss to Davenport.”
Dan: “With their split with Grand Valley, they are getting very close to the top two.”

4. Missouri State Varsity - Dan: 4 - Steve: 4
Dan: “Other than a 1-period bobble against Mankato, they are still virtually untouched by D II opponents. Still not enough comparisons to the top northern teams to crack the top three. Upcoming road games against FGCU will tell the tale, especially after a month layoff.”
Steve: “Still the best non-Michigan team. Good wins against Kansas, who had some success against the Michigan teams. Tougher second half coming up.”

5. (Tie) Central Michigan - Dan: 5 - Steve: 6
Minnesota - Dan: 6 - Steve: 5
Steve: “A strong second half will be needed for Central Michigan to get solidly back into the top five. Minnesota is playing everyone tough. Would like to see them play a few more central teams, though.”
Dan: “Still number five in my book, but a split with DePaul and 3-goal loss to Michigan State left me doubting Central Michigan. Minnesota is in danger of falling too, after two ties with Kansas and a splits with St. Cloud and Iowa.”

7. Iowa - Dan: 7 - Steve: 8
Dan: “A bad split with Mizzou cancelled by a good split with Minnesota evens them out - this time.”
Steve: “ Record is keeping them here. Last two losses were to D1 Iowa State.”

8. Michigan - Dan: 9 - Steve: 7
Steve: “Injuries are weighing the team down.”
Dan: “ I would put them out of the top ten as they have suffered three bad losses in a row, but I’m trusting they will perk back up with players returning from injuries.”

9. DePaul - Dan: 8 - Steve: 9
Dan: “I just can’t seem to find enough reasons to drop them despite their record.
They have too many wins against too many good teams.”
Steve: “The Blue Demons are sticking around. Good win and tie against Florida Gulf Coast - one of only four teams to beat the Eagles.”

10. (Tie) Lindenwood - Dan: 10 - Steve: N/R
Southern Illinois Gold - Dan: N/R - Steve: 10
Steve: “ SIUE here due to strength of schedule. Ventured to the west and played Colorado teams. Does have a stronger second half with Grand Valley State and Ferris State.”
Dan: “At 12-3-1, it’s hard to keep them out even if they haven’t played the strongest schedule so far. I could have just as easily given this spot to St. Thomas, St. Cloud, SIUE, or Illinois State Red. They are all that close, and a few more.”


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