Rift Forms In WSR's Unofficial Round #4 ACHA Dll Poll

01/29/08 - SPRINGFIELD, MO - It had to happen sooner or later. After three straight polls of Steve and I seeing pretty much eye to eye, we have parted ways. At least, as far as the bottom five of our top ten are concerned.

We still meet head-on through the top five (even though both of us toyed with the idea of moving Missouri State up to #3), and after that it’s ‘Katy bar the door’. Needless to say, there will be plenty of room to argue in the MACHA forum this week!

As always, the WSR poll is a combined score from our two independent sets of research, and it is totally unofficial. In fact, we can’t wait to see what the real pollsters have to say themselves!



1. Davenport (21-9-3) - Dan: 1 - Steve: 1

Dan: “Their 8-1 win and 1-1 tie against Grand Valley State this period has finally earned Davenport the top station. They threw in an 11-2 pounding of Michigan for good measure.”

Steve: “Clearly the #1 team now. The Panthers claimed the GMHL regular season title for the third time in a row this past weekend.”

2. Grand Valley State (20-6-1) - Dan: 2 - Steve: 2

Steve: “Although GVSU and Davenport are 1-1-1 against each other, I have to send the Lakers down a notch. The 3-2 loss to Ferris State (a 5-4 win for Davenport) still hangs things up for me.”

Dan: “Still a great team. They handled Central Michigan 5-1 and 4-2. Did you really expect them to sink any lower?”

3. Michigan State (12-13-1) - Dan: 3 - Steve: 3

Dan: “Lost a squeaker to Central Michigan, but a split with GVSU coupled with Missouri State’s poor showing against Florida Gulf Coast ( Michigan St. only lost 5-4) buoys them up.”

Steve: “Went 0-4-1 this ranking period, including the heartbreaker to Central Michigan just :11 seconds into overtime. Their strength of schedule keeps them in the third spot.”  

4. Missouri State Varsity (18-8-0) - Dan: 4 - Steve: 4

Steve: “Gave a lot of thought to putting the Ice Bears in the third spot. They are getting over the sickness that started in Florida and swept the team. Went 4-3 this ranking period and getting good marks.”

Dan: “Despite a pounding by FGCU (2-5, 2-9) the Ice Bears rebounded. They split with D1 St. Louis and handled Mizzou for a fourth time as well as sweeping the season from Southern Illinois-Edwardsville in convincing fashion. Could run the MACHA regular season table with wins over Northern Illinois this weekend.”  

5. Michigan (13-10-0) - Dan: 5 - Steve: 5

Dan: “Getting back to healthy. Beat Central Michigan 6-5, lost to a very good D1 Stony Brook 2-3. They will get better and better towards the post-season.”

Steve: “Narrowly beat a Nevada-Las Vegas team that has lost to D3 teams. Schedule is a factor here, as they are 3-3 this period.”  

6. Central Michigan (11-14-0) - Dan: 6 - Steve: 7

Steve: “Went 1-5 this period including big losses to Indiana, who managed ties with Davenport and Miami of Ohio.”

Dan: “A win over Michigan State was the only thing keeping them afloat this period.”  

7. Robert Morris College-Chicago Maroon (19-11-0) - Dan: 7 - Steve: 9

Dan: “There is no hotter team right now. 11 straight wins against a good schedule.”

Steve: “Their streak includes a sweep of Mankato-Minnesota State (who handed Missouri State their only home loss this year). Good to see them breaking into the top ten.”

8. DePaul (18-12-1) - Dan: n/r - Steve: 6

Steve: “Pulled a split (again) with Lindenwood. Playing better, going 5-1 this period having won handily.”

Dan: “They keep splitting two game series but never dominate. The games with FGCU were tainted once we found out from FGCU that DePaul only took on half the Eagle roster because of sickness. FGCU still managed a tie that weekend. DePaul is a good team, but I think there are a couple of teams who should be above them now.”  

9. Minnesota (12-5-3) - Dan: 10 - Steve: 8

Dan: “Two losses to Mankato and a lack of regular season games in January have their stock plummeting. I have to believe they will not be prepared for Regionals. How they do at the WCCHA tourney February 2 nd will determine their fate.”

Steve: “The only games played since December 8 th was losses to Mankato. Should the Gophers have stayed at #6? I would think you should have to play games to stay there.”

10. St. Thomas (17-6-0) - Dan: 8 - Steve: n/r

Dan: “Splits with Minnesota and St. Cloud along with a big winning percentage over the course of a solid schedule earns my respect.”

Also receiving votes:

St. Cloud (Dan: 9), Lindenwood (Steve: 10)


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