Here We Go Again! WSR's D2 Central Region Poll Out

10/29/08 - SPRINGFIELD, MO - Steve and I were not planning to do a poll this year after finding out last year just how hard and how much research time it takes to do a fair job of it. But apparently we did something right, and we were surprised at the number of people who kept asking when it would come out. Well, flattery will get you everywhere, so here we go again!

For those of you who may not be familiar with it, here’s how it works:

Steve and I work independently of each other to come up with what we believe are the best 10 teams of the DII Central region. We assign points (10 for first, 9 for second, etc.), then combine our individual points into the final WSR poll. Then we sit back and let people tell us how crazy we are. It's that simple!

Of course, only the official ACHA DII poll counts towards the points teams need to make the playoffs. Ours is just for fun, and a personal challenge to Steve and myself to see if we really have any idea what we are talking about. The first poll is always the toughest since we have no authority to go by other than our own, so we are just as anxious as anyone to see if we’re close to the official ACHA poll when it comes out. Wish us luck and/or grant us forgiveness!


#10 - Illinois State (Redbirds) Steve: 10 - Dan: 10

Steve: “Good record, have not played anyone of significance, but win came when SIUE is just getting started.”

Dan: “Their early record and splits with St. Thomas and SIUE are just enough to warrant a spot.”


#9 - Iowa (Gold) Steve: 9 - Dan: 9

Dan: “Again a good record, but a split with DePaul (6-5 OT, 1-8) isn’t enough to warrant a higher rating. By the way don’t be fooled by the 8-1 loss: Iowa lost 3 key players in the early going due to injuries and an ejection.”

Steve: “Same situation as Illinois State. Good record, but a lack of schedule strength is a factor.”


#8 - DePaul Steve: 7 - Dan: 8

Steve: “Still pulling splits during the season, especially this early. It could hurt them in the long run.”

Dan: “They have my attention, but they are going to have to prove they can be more consistent.”


#7 - Missouri (Gold) Steve: 8 - Dan: 6

Dan: “Handed Illinois their only loss in a close split, plus a good split with Kentucky. The Tigers are back.”

Steve: “Gave Illinois their first loss, and walloped Kansas 6-2 and 11-1. Not too bad of a start to the season.”


#6 - Michigan State: Steve: 5 - Dan: 7

Steve: “Good win against D1 E. Michigan, but can’t jump the Spartans above Michigan because of the 6-5 loss to the Wolverines.”

Dan: “They pounded Ferris St. and came within a goal of a good Wagner squad. Above .500 with a stout schedule.”


#5 - Illinois Steve: 6 - Dan: 4

Dan: “Haven‘t played too many good teams yet, but have beaten lesser teams as badly as they should.”

Steve: “Only loss was to Missouri in a split (4-6, 5-2), and good games with Dayton. Not too bad for the first ranking.”

#4 - Michigan Steve: 4 - Dan: 5

Steve: “Despite a split with Central Michigan, the Wolverines are a perennial favorite.”

Dan: “Only losses were a weird split with Cent. Mich (10-3, 6-7) and to D1 power Western Michigan. Plus, their reputation as a yearly power must be respected.”


#3 - Missouri St. (Maroon) Steve: 3 - Dan: 3

Dan: “Handed both Florida Gulf Coast and D1 Iowa State (ranked #4 nationally at the time) their first losses, and nearly did it to Davenport (2-3) as well. A killer early schedule, handled nicely.”

Steve: “Have to put the Ice bears here by virtue of close games with Davenport and Siena (ranked #1 in final Northeast poll last year). The Siena game was 4-3 until an empty netter. Plus, wins over D1 Iowa State and Florida Gulf Coast.”


#2 - Grand Valley St.: Steve: 2 - Dan: 2

Steve: “Can’t move the Lakers off the ledge just yet. Good schedule, and it gets stronger in January.”

Dan: “Surprisingly wide margin in their two losses to Davenport (4-6, 4-9), but strong wins over D1 Western Michigan (7-2), William-Patterson (8-3), and Ohio State (8-4, 4-1).”


#1 - Davenport: Steve: 1 - Dan: 1

Dan: “Tough, undefeated, and everything you would expect a defending national champ to be.”

Steve: “Showing why they were national champions last year. Coach Lowden has done an exceptional job of recruiting.”


KEEP AN EYE ON: Central Michigan, Lindenwood, RMC Chicago (Maroon), So. Illinois - Edwardsville (Gold)



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