WSR's Central Region Poll #2 Proves To Be A Challenge

11/26/08 - SPRINGFIELD, MO - I don’t recall when Steve and I have been more diverse in our reasoning for our Unofficial DII Central Region poll picks than here in period #2. This was, to say it gently, the slang term for a female dog.

There are so many so-and-so beat so-and-so who beat the first so-and-so and so on, that you could argue a good case for half a dozen of our selections.

So difficult was it to justify that (for the first time ever, I believe) Steve and I declined our usual argument session, choosing instead to just smile and admit that one guess was as good as the other.

Obviously, we expect plenty of interesting feedback on this one, and that may make this week’s poll the most fun of all!

So here we go, with period number two. And since we are all mixed up, we’ll start explainations with number ten.



#10 - Illinois State - Steve: 9 - Dan: N/R

Steve: “Despite two losses to Missouri State, the Redbirds record keeps them here”

Dan: I would like to keep them in the top 10, but splits with Eastern Illinois and Kansas raised my eyebrow. They can beat just about anybody on a given night, but consistency is a key.”


#9 - St. Thomas - Steve: 10 - Dan: 9

Dan: “They swept Iowa and Nebraska, beat Mankato, and split with Illinois St. With their record, that’s good enough for a top ten from me.”

Steve: “Good showing against (first ranking #6) Iowa, but I still have a problem with the tie to D3 Dordt College.”


#8 - Lindenwood - Steve: 8 - Dan: 7

Steve: “They get a spot for now, but once the DII roster is set, we’ll see if the wins continue. Schedule strength is mixed.”

Dan: “Hard to tell which team they are putting on the ice on a given night, but I have to put them ahead of Missouri State for now.”


#7 - Missouri State (Maroon) - Steve: 6 - Dan: 8

Dan: “Being swept so convincingly by Lindenwood left me wondering if I didn’t rate them a little too high last time. Mounting injuries aren’t helping, either.”

Steve: “Have won 6 in a row after the bad Lindenwood showing. Can’t argue with a team that goes 203:32 minutes without giving up a goal.”


#6 - Illinois - Steve: 7 - Dan: 6

Steve: “Did not play a game in about a month and when they do, it's a sweep of Bowling Green State, who handed Michigan a loss earlier in the season.”

Dan: “Only played two games against #12 (Southeast) Bowling Green State , but they have a legitimate record against good teams.”


#5 - Michigan - Steve: 5 - Dan: 5

Dan: “Losses to Ohio State hurt them more than the losses to Grand Valley State and Michigan State. Had to drop them down some, though.”

Steve: “Lost a pair to #14 SE Ohio State and convincing ones to Grand Valley State and Michigan State. Their schedule only gets tougher.”


#4 Michigan State Steve: 4 Dan: 3

Steve: “The Spartans are 6-3 against D2 teams, although their record doesn’t immediately reflect that. A much stronger schedule awaits.”

Dan: “Convincing wins over Grand Valley State (6-2) and Michigan (4-1) have convinced me, too.”


#3 Grand Valley St . Steve: 2 Dan: 4

Dan: “GVSU really showed chinks in the armor with the loss to Michigan St., and split with (#2 Southeast) Miami, Ohio.”

Steve: “They are still winning, but in stages. Beat last year’s National runner up Indiana 10-0 with 10 different goal scorers.”


#2 DePaul Steve: 3 Dan: 2

Steve: “Only losses are in overtime. Finally getting out of splitsville.”

Dan: “The way they whipped DI Arizona and Lindenwood, its clear the Iowa split was just a stubbed toe. Their respect can no longer be denied.”


#1 Davenport Steve: 1 Dan: 1

Dan: “If it were anything but a one-game-series playoff system, I’d say give them the cup right now and everybody else just go have fun. These are bad dudes, dude.”

Steve: “Have not lost to a D2 team this year. A 5-4 OT loss to #4 D1 Liberty last Saturday was the first loss in 27 games for the Panthers dating back to Feb. 16 th 2008.”


Also receiving points: Iowa Gold (1)

KEEP AN EYE ON: St. Norbert JV, Kansas, Central Michigan


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