About WebSports Radio

Dedicated to broadcasting live local sports and other sports entertainment, WebSports Radio (http://www.websportsradio.com) uses the internet and webcasting as the most efficient way to cover events in Southwest Missouri and other areas.

WebSports Radio's goal is to use web-based sports broadcasting to give listeners the ability to hear and see professional, college, and high school sports teams that have limited radio and television exposure. Distance is not a factor -- with internet capability -- enabling friends and followers of local teams to hear games regardless of their location.

Using a crystal clear 20 kbs audio stream, WSR can provide the best broadcasting exposure for listeners at no cost, and for advertisers at an affordable rate.

In 2008, WebSports Radio's Live TV brought fans the ability to watch events live and on a pre-recorded basis.

WSR has partnered with Meyer Communications in Springfield, Missouri and 12 games will be simulcast on local Springfield Radio (currently available for Missouri State Hockey on JOCK 98.7 FM and KBFL 99.9 FM).

Additionally, all broadcasts will be transmitted over a low power FM radio transmitter (99.1 FM) inside the venue (both home and away) for fans that attend the games to hear them live.

The staff of WSR consists of co-founders Steve Casson and Dan Lee who bring over forty six years of broadcasting experience to the internet.